Sunday, March 21, 2010

..[♥ If You Love Her ♥..]

Simple Ways to show you love her….Read, Know, Implement…

♥ If You Love Her ♥

♥Gift a rose
♥Enjoy a candle light dinner
♥Stick a post-it love note in the car
♥Hug her
♥Make a romantic song mix CD
♥Dance under the stars
♥Hide love notes in purse
♥Have an undisturbed conversation (turn off phones, TV, computer etc.)
♥Shop for her
♥Pick up a pie or cake for dessert
♥Do the laundry
♥Write a message on the mirror with a bar of soap
♥Make a calendar with photos of both of you together
♥Pick her up and carry her to the bed or couch
♥Download a new ring to her cell phone for your calls
♥Share things about your day (work, family, clients, events)
♥Hold hands
♥Give her a oil massage on head and shoulders
♥Give a sincere compliment
♥Go on a walk together
♥Run your fingers through her hair and give her a head rub
♥Gift her sexy dress
♥Share a naughty joke
♥Change her computer screen saver to a love message
♥Cook a delicious surprise meal for her
♥Kiss when you leave
♥Help her with a project
♥Thank her for a meal she cooked
♥Go grocery shopping together
♥Kiss when you meet her
♥Whisper sweet nothings in her ear
♥Say “I love you because that’s all I can do when I look and think of you.
♥Find out one of her fantasies and make it happen
♥Pay her a compliment in front of people you know
♥Put a love note with her lunch
♥Take her on long drive
♥Tell her you are proud of her
♥Carry her bags/boxes/books
♥Send her miss you email
♥Write creative message or love poem for her
♥Celebrate surprise valentine day on weekend
♥Kiss each of her finger tips
♥Just phone her to say “I Love You”
♥Give her awake up call…
♥Take a minute to enjoy the sunset together
♥Take a romantic bath
♥Pull out her chair before sitting

(~.-)//..i lOve yOu..~.~lalalA

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