Saturday, June 13, 2009

..[lOve stOry]

its a cUte lovE stOry

A gUy hAd cAncer and hAd only 30 dAys left..
he liked a girl wOrking in a CD shOp bUt nevEr
tOld hEr abOut his lOve
evErydAy he usEd tO bUy a CD jUst to spEnd somEtime with hEr..
aftEr a mOnth he died..
whEn the girl wEnt in seArch to hIm
his mOther tOld he died Out of cAncer and tOOk
her to his rOOm....
whEre shE sAw all cd`s unopEned
and the girl stArted crying
she hAd lovE letters fOr him insidE th cd`s...

bOth lovEd bUt nevEr expressEd...
cErita ini kuAmbil dAri kotAk emAil
yAng berkUrun-kurun lAmanya
mUngkin hAti ini kerindUan pAda si dIa


bEEdLE d' bARd said...

sedih la plak cerita ni..
tapi kalau kita cinta kat seseorang, memang patut diluahkan sblm terlmbt..
tak kisahlah sama ada cinta itu diterima atau ditolak..

kaizen said...

ssah mcm ni...

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