Monday, April 6, 2009


Under the board walk we hid,
dressed in bathing suits
Hair all wet and tangled,
no harm in what we did

"I want you" a soft moan,
shivers down my spine
Succulent soft peachy lips
warmed me to the bone

Sun tanned hands caressed
my goose bump covered skin
Eager to your touch, I trembled
My love, we were so blessed

"I need you, I love you"
murmured softly in my ear,
as you took off our clothes
"Be mine, my baby boo"

We went all the way
on the soft shaded sand
Two young lovers alone
on a hot Summer day


joegrimjow said...

untuk sapa ni?

shinawawa eyenie said...

tuk wak...
faridzul asyraf...

kaizen said...

semcm jer.....
miss some1???

shinawawa eyenie said...

miss dkt sesorng ler
nama dirhsiakan

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